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With so many seemingly similar firms to choose from, why should you choose us?

Our many clients, who represent the elite in their respective industries, would probably tell you about the value we provide through our custom research and analysis, along with the plans and recommendations that are actionable from the day we deliver them. But, beyond that, it’s the way we work and the philosophy we bring to every client relationship that truly sets us apart from the typical market strategy and research firm.

  • You get the “A” team every day, throughout the engagement. For clarity, you’ll have a single point of senior-level contact, connecting you to a team of seasoned executives who are with you during every phase of the engagement. You will instantly recognize these people as your peers, for their talents and experience.
  • You don’t get surprises. Every engagement begins with a proposal that explicitly details all specifications and expectations, including an all-inclusive fixed budget. We never make assumptions, and never diverge from your proposal without your knowledge and approval.
  • Trust and success are built on constant communication. Regular communication and interaction with you is an essential part of our process. We believe that we must achieve and maintain alignment between our team and you, before we can hope to create alignment between you and your markets… the true goal of any market research.
  • Quality control is our job, not yours. We are meticulous and thorough in every aspect of every phase of every engagement. You will find us to be reliable, trustworthy, and truly exceptional in how we plan and execute your project.
  • Everything we tell you is based on rigorous and objective market research to obtain current, first-hand feedback from your target markets. We have significant access to the kinds of people – including executive leaders in the Fortune 50 – who live on the leading edge of your markets, the people who can make or break your new product or service. That translates to research which reflects the state of your markets, clarifying what you need to do to succeed. And we never cloud that research with subjective analyst commentary.
  • Customized market research + easily implemented solutions = your success. We work with you to develop a research program that is tailored to your particular business, market environment, management team and financial needs. The resulting intelligence is uniquely useful to your company, especially because it’s delivered in the form of practical, realistic recommendations and plans that are ready, from Day 1, to be successfully implemented.
  • We are 100% accountable. Our job is to make you and your company more successful. We take pride in setting high expectations, then exceeding them. We stand behind our deliverables, stick to our schedules, and honor our commitments to you.
  • We preach what we have practiced. Everyone on the Salloway & Associates team has been on the front lines. We’ve built companies for ourselves and for our clients. That first-hand, operational experience informs our work for you.

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