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Who is Salloway & Associates?

The Obvious Answer: A team of seasoned business executives with 100+ years of management, market strategy and research experience, working with and for some of the world’s best-run companies. We’ve built brands, profit margins and companies. Based on your needs, we can help you:

  • Identify, test and refine new market and business opportunities
  • Introduce new products and services, or create extensions of existing ones
  • Develop, test, refine and execute your brand strategy, and your underlying communications strategy
  • Develop highly effective strategies and programs for customer relationship management, customer acquisition, and all facets of customer retention

The Real Answer: We are you. We’ve sat where you sit and faced the challenges you face. So we know that market research is just a lot of data until you translate it into the knowledge and course of action that will improve your business performance. Consequently, we’re passionate about two things…

Value. We spend your money like it was our own. Work with Salloway & Associates, and you will realize value from every dime you invest with us. We do our homework to ensure that we’re looking at the right issues – the ones that have the biggest impact on your bottom line. Then, exercising due diligence at every step from project inception and design through implementation, analysis and reporting, we do whatever it takes to reliably understand and solve your issues.

Results. From the abundance of information that we amass in the course of the primary market research we conduct for you, we distill knowledge and insights that lead directly to the ready-to-use plans and recommendations we deliver. These are not vague suggestions or ‘high-level’ findings, but actionable items you can use immediately, to cost-effectively accelerate market demand for your brand, products or services

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